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What To Look For In Drop Shipping Suppliers

You are looking for various sourcing ideas for your business and came across the term 'drop shipping suppliers'. A little more research turns up the fact that that it is a selling system in which the retailer (that is you) acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the customer. You are naturally intrigued by the idea of drop shipping since under this system the customer receives the products directly from the manufacturer. This means that you can focus on the actual selling of the product without dealing with the hassles of storage, inventory management or shipping.


Advantages Of Drop Shipping

There is no doubt that it is extremely beneficial for catalogue-based internet sellers and retail store owners. Making use of suppliers allows vendors to save on employee remuneration since workers will no longer be required for tasks such as shipping, receiving, inventory and security. Moreover, the fact that the actual product is stored in the manufacturer's warehouse until the order is actually placed means that the vendor's catalogue range is no longer restricted by the constraints of finding the storage space for the products until they are sold.

Those who patronize such sellers rarely expect to receive their product immediately (unless so specified) so the slight delay between ordering and shipping is not a drawback. Brick and mortar stores can use the space thus freed up for attractive product displays while online merchants regain the use of their garages and spare bedrooms! The client also benefits from this method. Since the item has to be packed and shipped only once, the total inventory management and shipping costs is significantly reduced, which is mirrored by a similarly reduced price for the customer.

Choosing Reliable Drop Shipping Suppliers

While the advantages of it are many, the system also involves a certain amount of risk for the retailer. Newbie sellers are often trapped by seemingly attractive schemes that offer opportunities for fantastic profits. These conmen, ship suppliers dumai who are in reality middlemen, charge a fixed fee for the retailer's use of their services in addition to selling the products at prices that leave little profit margin for the victim.

The key to avoiding such frauds is to make sure that you choose a trustworthy wholesaler for your drop shipping requirements ship suppliers bontang . There are many reliable online forums where you can research wholesalers and get user reviews on your choices.

Finally, do keep in mind that even when working with a trustworthy firm, utilizing drop shipping may create situations of back ordering such as when the particular product ordered is sold out. This causes considerable delays in the shipping, reflects badly on the vendor. Even though responsible drop shipping suppliers will make it a point to keep retailers informed about their inventory status, the vendor should make the effort to regularly update him or herself on the current inventory status.

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